South Africa

Stop killing Congolese people


KPFA Weekend News, 01.04.2015

Competition for Congolese resources can't be stopped, but the massacre of Congolese people can and must, says Dr. Jean Didier Losango.


Will South Africa and Tanzania join action against FDLR in DRC?

KPFA Weekend News, 01.02.2014

During Russ Feingold's African press conference to urge military action against the FDLR in eastern Congo, a reporter asked whether he shared South Africa and Tanzania's concern that it has the potential of pulling in the entire region, especially Rwanda and Uganda.


Marikana Miners Massacre: Second Anniversary

KPFA Evening News, 08.17.2014

August 16th was the second Anniversary of the Marikana Miners Massacre. A commemoration was held in Marikana, but neither officials of the ruling African National Congress party nor the local government were invited. 



Rwandan President Paul Kagame's ex-intelligence chief assassinated in exile

KPFA Evening News, 01.04.2013

Former Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa spoke to KPFA about the assassination of former Rwandan Colonel Patrick Karegeya, who was found strangled in a Johannesburg hotel room on New Year's Day. Karegeya is the latest in a long list of Rwandan President Paul Kagame's political opponents who have been assassinated in exile.  

Former Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa, left, and former Rwandan Colonel Patrick Karegeya right


UN combat brigade in the DRC and a new resource war




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