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What is the Scandal, Mr. Lie?

KPFA Evening News, 09.05.2015

Eliana Lopez in her own words on what really happened. 

Campos and Chiu are NOT the same, but the outcome now depends on who votes

KPFA Weekend News, 10.12.2013

Tim Redmond, Executive Editor of the website 48 Hills, the Secrets of San Francisco says that 17th District California State Assembly candidates David Campos and David Chiu are quite different candidates, especially on hard core economic issues. However, the race between them is now so close that it's all about who most effectively gets their voters to the mail with their absentee ballots or to the polls between now and November 4th, election day.

San Francisco legislators dig in to defend clean power

KPFA Evening News, 05.25.2014

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has refused to vote on Mayor Ed Lee’s budget for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission until the Mayor proposes an alternative budget that will not eliminate funds for CleanPowerSF, the renewable energy program that the full Board approved nearly two years ago. KPFA spoke to Sierra Club Board member John Rizzo.

San Francisco resident and Sierra Club Board member john Rizzo urged the San Francisco Board's Budget Committee not to let Mayor Ed Lee play CleanPowerSF and Go Solar off against one another.

Conway smears Campos, hides behind Mirkarimi

KPFA Evening News, 05.17.2014

Billionaire San Francisco tech investor Ron Conway wants to see Supervisor David Chiu, not Supervisor David Campos, become California's next 17th District Assemblyman.He's even reviving his 2012 smear campaign against Christina Olague for voting to reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - this time against David Campos.   


San Francisco Supervisors David Chiu, left, and David Campos,right, are vying for the 17th District California State Assembly Seat being vacated by Tom Ammiano.

PG&E, Ed Lee, and the SFPUC v. Clean Energy

KPFA Evening News, 05.11.2014

Stanford University engineering professor Mark Jacobson addressed the opening session of the first Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions Climate Conference 2014 at San Francisco’s Unitarian Universalist Church on Friday, May 8. Jacobson says that it’s possible  to convert the entire United States to renewable energy by the year 2050 and makes his points with an interactive map; clicks on each state display the possible distribution of wind and solar, the number of jobs that would be created, and the carbon emissions that would be eliminated. Ironically, Jacobson addressed this San Francisco audience just nine days after San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee proposed to cut the entire $19 million dollars that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors set aside to create a renewable power option for the city’s residents. 

Pacific Gas'n Electric was the lead sponsor of the 2014 Conference of Mayors in Sacramento in April. Next year the Conference of Mayors will be held in San Francisco. Third mayor from left, San Francisco's Ed Lee.


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