Patrick Cockburn: U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan enable Islamic extremists

KPFA Evening News, 09.14.2013

Patrick Cockburn, the London Independent's Iraq correspondent, and author of "The Jihadis Return: ISIS AND THE NEW SUNNI UPRISING," says that without U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, there would have been no Bin Laden, no Al-Qaeda, and no 09/11. And, that Syria's popular uprising of 2011 was quickly dominated by money and weapons transfers from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. 

AfrobeatRadio guests: Al Shabaab and Somali pirates created by international piracy and military force


WBAI AfrobeatRadio on Somalia, with journalist/Icc Broadcasting Network host Hassan Isilow and University of Minnesota Professor Abdi Samatar


BANNED ON FACEBOOK: Voice of the Cape-South Africa, Islamic Community Radio

Activists for and against Pentagon drones


KPFA Weekend News, 04.30.2011:  Activists for and against Pentagon drones.   A response from independent journalist, human rights investigator, and former electrical engineer Keith Harmon Snow.

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