Clooney, Kony, Congress, and Sudan


KPFA Weekend News, 03.17.2012: Veteran Africa war correspondent and human rights investigator Keith Harmon Snow says that George Clooney's arrest at the Sudanese Embassy, his advocacy for Africa, and the raft of House and Senate bills introduced in response to KONY 2012, mask imperial, economic, white supremacist, and fundamentalist Christian collaboration.

U.S. in Congo: Ongoing support for Kabila?


KPFA Weekend News, 02.25.2012

AfrobeatRadio guests: Al Shabaab and Somali pirates created by international piracy and military force


WBAI AfrobeatRadio on Somalia, with journalist/Icc Broadcasting Network host Hassan Isilow and University of Minnesota Professor Abdi Samatar


South Sudan Independence? Really?

Sudan and the Politics of Genocide

KPFA Weekend News, 06.18.2011


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