Barbara Lee, Sudan, and the African oil wars


KPFA Evening News, 04.29.2012

Africa advocates fear that California's Ninth District Congresswoman Barbara Lee may be leading the U.S. into another oil war in Africa, despite her anti-war voting record and good intentions. KPFA asked Ugandan American Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi what he would most like to say to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.



Armies of the Lord: Militarists, Multinationals, and the Christian Right in Africa

Reverend Rick Warren said the opening invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2009, and, the opening invocation at Rwandan President Paul Kagame's Inauguration in September 2010.


WBAI AfrobeatRadio, 04.14.2012:


Bruce Wilson, co-founder of the Talk2Action, Reclaim Faith History and Citizenship website, Huffington Post and Alternet contributor, and expert on the politicized, Christian Right, on the compatibility of the evangelical Christian Right agenda and the US/NATO military and multinational agendas in Africa.  


Special bonus clips: Saddleback megachurch pastor Reverend Rick Warren, urges his followers to follow Jesus, and him, like Nazis followed Hitler, and KONY 2012 video producer Jason Richards describes KONY 2012 as an evangelical "Trojan Horse."


Clooney, Kony, Congress, and Sudan


KPFA Weekend News, 03.17.2012: Veteran Africa war correspondent and human rights investigator Keith Harmon Snow says that George Clooney's arrest at the Sudanese Embassy, his advocacy for Africa, and the raft of House and Senate bills introduced in response to KONY 2012, mask imperial, economic, white supremacist, and fundamentalist Christian collaboration.

U.S. in Congo: Ongoing support for Kabila?


KPFA Weekend News, 02.25.2012

AfrobeatRadio guests: Al Shabaab and Somali pirates created by international piracy and military force


WBAI AfrobeatRadio on Somalia, with journalist/Icc Broadcasting Network host Hassan Isilow and University of Minnesota Professor Abdi Samatar


Hassan Isilow, Journalist and radio host for Icc Broadcasting, a gobal Islamic network

On 11.26.2011, we spoke to Professor Abdi Samatar and journalist Hassan Isilow, following that week's news, reported by Democracy Now,  the Daily Maverick and other outlets, that U.S. ally Ethiopia had once again invaded Somalia across Somalia's Western border backed up by the ongoing U.S. drone bombing from U.S. military bases in the region.  The Telegraph reported, on November 15th, that Israel is supporting the Kenyan invasion of Somalia across its southern border. 

This week's Somalia news included:

1) Hunger, homelessness, and the Somali refugee population, continue to grow.

2)  Six Somali refugees died, burned to death by the Kenyan Army in Kenya. 

3)  Six Somalis, including an aid worker and a security guard, died in a suicide bomb blast at a refugee camp in Somalia's capital Mogadishu.  

4)  The BBC reported that oil drilling has begun in Somalia's Puntland State, which may have up to 4 billion barrels of oil.

University of Minnesota Geography Professor Abdi Samatar

The fundamentals of the Somali crisis discussed  on AfrobeatRadio in November remain the same. Abdi Samatar said, and Hassan Isilow agreed that  international  forces imposing a political project on Somalia, plus the Ethiopian occupation, produced Al-Shabaab and "the Somali  pirates."  Abdi Samatar said that the biggest pirates off the Somali coast are the  international fishing fleets who have stolen billions of dollars worth of fish from the mouths of the Somali people, and Hassan Isilow said that local piracy had also arisen in response to foreign ships dumping toxic waste off the Somali Coast.

Abdi Samatar said, "I think what our audience needs to know is that there was a great deal of hope about the coming of the Obama Administration to power.  And many of us worked for him . . .  The tragedy is that this Administration has done more damage than even the Bush Administration overseas, especially in Somalia."















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