Clinton e-mail on Libyan conquest: We came, we saw, we got oil

Chevron refuses to fund hospital that treated 12,000 Richmond residents after refinery explosion and fire

KPFA Evening News, 08.02.2014

Richmond, California Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, left, and Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles, right On Tuesday, the Richmond City Council voted to issue a permit to Chevron for its complex oil refinery expansion project. Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Vice Mayor Beckles abstained on the final vote because the community benefits program Chevron promised did not include funds to keep Doctor's Hospital open. The hospital, which is close to closing, treated 12,000 of the 15,000 Richmond residents who sought hospital care as a consequence of the August 2012 Chevron refinery explosion and fire. Jovanka Beckles spoke to KPFA. 



Richmond approaches final deliberations on Chevron's complex oil refinery expansion

Richmond Planning Commissioner Marilyn Langlois KPFA Weekend News, 07.26.2014

Richmond's City Council is approaching its final deliberations on Chevron's complex refinery expansion permit. The Richmond Planning Commission want them to uphold the conditions they voted to impose, which include a green jobs program and replacing all the temporary patches and clamps on leaking pipes. 



Oil for Blood in Iraq: How much is enough for U.S. oil companies?


KPFA Evening News, 07.05.2014

Oil and energy investigator and analyst Antonia Juhasz, however, says, that US and UK-based oil corporations' determination to gain access to Iraq's oil was decisive in the lead-up to the 2003 US/UK invasion Iraq, but not now, in President Obama's deliberations.  


Dan Gertler flips DR Congo's Atlantic Coast oil rights for huge gain

KPFA Evening News, 02.02.2014  

Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler made nearly 30 thousand percent profit on the purchase and resale of Atlantic Coast oil rights to and from the Congolese people, who lost nearly 150 million dollars on the deal. Anti-corruption and resource theft watchdog Global WItness says that the deal is typical of resource deals that cost the Congolese people twice their annual budget for health and education combined between 2010 and 2012 alone.



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