Congressional shame and disgrace on ISIS War

KPFA Weekend News, 01.09.2015
California's Thirteenth District Congressperson Barbara Lee told KPFA it's a shame and disgrace that Congress is ducking its responsibility to approve or disapprove the US war on ISIS.

US ally Saudi Arabia beheads adulterers, apostates, and sorcerers within its own borders


KPFA Evening News, 09.20.2013

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a prominent member of the coalition formed to fight ISIL since the group released its beheading videos on the Worldwide Web.  However, the Saudi Kingdom's own practice of beheading has led to bad press for the coalition. In February, an Amnesty report bore the headline “Saudi Arabia beheading nearly two people per week this year.” It included a photograph of an executioner raising his sword above the neck of a condemned man on his knees in a public square. A September 11th Washington Post headline read "Saudi Arabia, key to Obama’s strategy, beheaded at least 8 people last month" and cited Amnesty International reports.

Public beheading in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Saudi Arabian TV


Patrick Cockburn: U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan enable Islamic extremists

KPFA Evening News, 09.14.2013

Patrick Cockburn, the London Independent's Iraq correspondent, author of "The Jihadis Return: ISIS AND THE NEW SUNNI UPRISING," says that without U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, there would have been no Bin Laden, no Al-Qaeda, and no 09/11. And, that Syria's popular uprising of 2011 was quickly dominated by money and weapons transfers from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. 


Oil for Blood in Iraq: How much is enough for U.S. oil companies?


KPFA Evening News, 07.05.2014

Oil and energy investigator and analyst Antonia Juhasz, however, says, that US and UK-based oil corporations' determination to gain access to Iraq's oil was decisive in the lead-up to the 2003 US/UK invasion Iraq, but not now, in President Obama's deliberations.  


South Sudan opposition army calls on U.S. ally Uganda to withdraw troops


KPFA Evening News, broadcast 02.08.2014

The Sudan Peoples' Liberation Army in Opposition has said that they expect no progress in peace talks regarding the civil war in South Sudan unless Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni withdraws his army from South Sudan, which is there to back up President Kiir's faction of the army, not only with troops but also with artillery and helicopter gunships. 


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