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Raissa on Victoire, Rwanda, and the Netherlands


KPFA Weekend News, 03.31.2012  ​Raissa Ujeneza, daughter of imprisoned Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire, on her mother's challenge to Rwanda's genocide ideology statutes.



KPFA News: Pushback in Defense of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi



Suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, left, with retired San Francisco Sheriff Mike Hennessy, after Hennessy endorsed Mirkarimi in the 2011 Sheriff's race to elect his successor. Photo courtesy of Luke Thomas

KPFA News, 03.24.2012

Social justice advocates are asking what is to become of San Francisco Sheriff Mike Hennessey's groundbreaking legacy of redemptive rather than retributive justice, if newly elected Sheriff Mirkarimi is forced from office?

Upon his retirement, Sheriff Hennessey endorsed then Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi to take his place. After Mirkarimi's decision to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in a domestic violence trial, which would allow him to legally remain in office, the San Francisco Chronicle reported this conversation with Hennessey:

"My opinion is that he should remain in the job and be given a chance to show what he can do with the office. I think he's being punished accordingly by the justice system," said Hennessey, who has been lauded by victims' advocacy groups over the years for domestic violence services and programs that began under his watch. While admitting guilt to the crime of false imprisonment is serious, he added, it should not automatically disqualify Mirkarimi from holding office. "During my time as sheriff, I hired many people with criminal records who have done outstanding jobs for the department," Hennessey said. "Oftentimes, you have to look at the whole issue of rehabilitation and redemption."  



Kony, Clooney, and Sudan



KPFA Weekend News, 03.17.2012:  

KONY 2012 and George Clooney's arrest at the Sudanese Embassy build support for House Resolutions 583 and 4169

Veteran Africa war correspondent and human rights investigator Keith Harmon Snow says that George Clooney's arrest at the Sudanese Embassy, and his advocacy for Africa, mask  imperial, economic, white supremacist, and fundamentalist Christian collaboration.



KPFA Weekend News, 03.10.2012: 


Invisible Iraqi Children have mounted a campaign, Tony 2012, to apprehend former Prime Minister and Iraq War architect Tony Blair in 2012, in response to Kony 2012, the campaign to apprehend minor East Central African warlord Joseph Kony in 2012.

Rwandan refugee journalists fear for colleague Jean Bosco Gasasira



KPFA Weekend News, 02.11.2012


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