War on Terror? US proxies Ethiopia and Rwanda terrorize their own people

KPFA Weekend News, 08.22.2015

Washington D.C.-based Ethiopian activist Obang Metho says that Ethiopian and Rwandan dictators have been allowed to terrorize their own people because they provide troops for the U.S, War on Terror. Metho is a founder of the Soldarity Movement for a New Ethiopia. 

ICC judges say Kenya's Kenyatta can skip much of his own criminal trial

KPFA Evening News, 2013

International Criminal Court judges say that Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta need not be present for all of his own trial for crimes against humanity.

BANNED ON FACEBOOK: Voice of the Cape-South Africa, Islamic Community Radio

At 4:30 AM on the Fourth of July, a.k.a., American Independence Day, my phone RANNGGGGGG!!!!!  

"Huh ?"

"This is Voice of the Cape Radio in South Africa."

"Oh yeah, yeah, I remember you.  We talked about a year ago, about Rwanda." 

"Would you like to talk about American Independence Day in about three hours?"

"Yeah, OK. You guys rock. . . just call me back."  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . 

Three hours later, while waiting for a connect to the host, I tried leaving a link to the station's website and online stream, on Facebook, only to get a message that said, "This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error." I let Facebook know; so did at least a handful of my friends.  

Welcoming to PalestinePhoto with "Welcome to Palestine," a post on Voice of the Cape. Why would Voice of the Cape, the Islamic community radio station of rural South Africa be blocked on Facebook? The feature story that day was about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, but there were stories all over my friends' Facebook pages about the Gaza Flotilla that day. When Voice of the Cape was still banned, two days later on the 6th of July, I scanned the featured stories on its home page: There was one with the headline "28,000 Pakistanis Displaced," a tragedy that no one else seemed to be reporting, but, it was hard to find the offense that would call for a Facebook ban here. Another story on a South African qasida band concert and contest in Capetown, one on Capetown's architectural heritage, one on a Shari-ah compliant banking service, and a show on the restitution process in South Africa coming up on the air. Community radio. South Africa's Islamic community, with its own concerns, and its national and international concerns.

I couldn't find any explanation for the entire Voice of the Cape website to be blocked aside from it being an Islamic community station with one report on the Gaza Flotilla and one editorial in support of it. The host did indeed want to get straight to what he clearly knew I'd be likely to say about the consequence of the American Revolution for America's indigenous peoples, but Facebook block? People from all over the world were posting about the Gaza Flotilla, and I'm hardly the first to say that 1776 was no better deal for Native America than 1492, so go figure, or contact Facebook:

Western Funded Genocide: Ethiopia and the Ogaden

KPFA News, 07.04.2011:  Ethiopian troops are  in the oil rich, contested Sudanese Abyei region, in accordance with a new UN Security Council resolution invoking sovereign nations "responsibility to protect" vulnerable populations from genocide and mass atrocities, if their own governments aren't protecting them.   But, human rights investigators say that the Security Council is ignoring Ethiopia's own genocide, in the Ogaden Basin, and, that the West is funding it.  

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