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San Francisco legislators dig in to defend clean power

KPFA Evening News, 05.25.2014

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has refused to vote on Mayor Ed Lee’s budget for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission until the Mayor proposes an alternative budget that will not eliminate funds for CleanPowerSF, the renewable energy program that the full Board approved nearly two years ago. KPFA spoke to Sierra Club Board member John Rizzo.

San Francisco resident and Sierra Club Board member john Rizzo urged the San Francisco Board's Budget Committee not to let Mayor Ed Lee play CleanPowerSF and Go Solar off against one another.

PG&E, Ed Lee, and the SFPUC v. Clean Energy

KPFA Evening News, 05.11.2014

Stanford University engineering professor Mark Jacobson addressed the opening session of the first Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions Climate Conference 2014 at San Francisco’s Unitarian Universalist Church on Friday, May 8. Jacobson says that it’s possible  to convert the entire United States to renewable energy by the year 2050 and makes his points with an interactive map; clicks on each state display the possible distribution of wind and solar, the number of jobs that would be created, and the carbon emissions that would be eliminated. Ironically, Jacobson addressed this San Francisco audience just nine days after San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee proposed to cut the entire $19 million dollars that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors set aside to create a renewable power option for the city’s residents. 

Pacific Gas'n Electric was the lead sponsor of the 2014 Conference of Mayors in Sacramento in April. Next year the Conference of Mayors will be held in San Francisco. Third mayor from left, San Francisco's Ed Lee.

Why was Angela Chan ousted from the San Francisco Police Commission?

Reappoint Angela Chan to the San Francisco Police CommissionFormer Police Commissioner Angela F. Chan is a senior staff attorney managing the Criminal Justice Reform Program at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus. She represents immigrant families who have youth caught in the juvenile justice system and youth who are harassed or discriminated against in the K-12 public education system because of race, ethnicity and other protected categories.


KPFA Evening News, 05.03.2014

San Francisco Police Commissioner and immigrant rights attorney Angela Chan needed six of eleven votes to be re-appointed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors earlier this week, but she was defeated 7 to 4 in a surprising, unexplained power play, even though Supervisors had only positive words for her performance while in session.

Chan was one of three Commissioners appointed by the Board; the other four are appointed by the mayor. Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Mar, and Yee all voted to reappoint Chan; Supervisors Breed, Chiu, Farrell, Kim, Tang, and Weiner against.

KPFA spoke to Angela Chan about why she was ousted.


Reinstate or remove Sheriff Mirkarimi? San Francisco Supervisors vote on Tuesday


KPFA Evening News, 10.06.12

On Tuesday, October 9th, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will hold a hearing and vote on whether or not to overturn the election of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, in response to charges of official misconduct brought by Mayor Ed Lee.  KPFA spoke to Mirkarimi attorney David Waggoner about due process, also known as fairness, in the proceeding.


Mirkarimi attorneys request and file sworn declarations at San Francisco Board

KPFA Weekend News Anchor Cameron Jones: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will review the findings of the San Francisco Ethics Commission in the case ofSan Francisco Board of Supervisors' Chambers  suspended Sheriff Ross ​Mirkarimi on October 9th. This week Mirkarimi’s attorneys filed a legal brief in which they asked that each of the 11 Supervisors either sign a sworn statement that they have not discussed the case with Mayor Ed Lee, or recuse themselves from voting to reinstate or remove him. KPFA’s Ann Garrison has the story.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee suspended Mirkarimi, then brought charges of official misconduct against him after Mirkarimi pled guilty to a misdemeanor stemming from a New Year’s Eve argument with his wife Eliana Lopez, who has stood by his side, adamantly insisting that he did not abuse her and that he has been the target of a political witch hunt, as the first progressive to win executive office in many years in San Francisco,   

Suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, left, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, right.

Neither of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s attorneys, Shepard Kopp and David Waggoner, were available to explain why they have asked that each of the 11 Supervisors sign a sworn statement that they have not spoken to Ed Lee about this case, but Mirkarimi himself explained the basic rules of both criminal and civil court which they have asked this administrative court, in which the Supervisors are both judge and jury, to abide by as well.  

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi: The prosecuting attorney is not supposed to speak with the judge or the jury panel about any case that they are prosecuting, and in this case, that potential violation has been percolating for quite some time. And the action that we're taking is a very reasonable action to make sure that there is not any undue or unfair bias in the proceeding by the Board of Supervisors in rendering a decision on our case.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: Mayor Lee is not only a lawyer but also the official Prosecuting Attorney on the case. He, not City Attorney Dennis Herrera, signed the charges of official misconduct.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, center, and his attorneys Shepard Kopp, left, and David Waggoner, right. Photo: SF Chronicle

Should the Board of Supervisors fail to abide by fundamental rules that are widely accepted throughout the American judicial system, and should they at the same time vote to remove Mirkarimi, that could strengthen any legal action that Mirkarimi might then take to San Francisco Superior Court should the Board vote to remove him on October 9th.  

Yesterday the San Francisco Examiner’s editorial board published their opinion that the Board should indeed sign sworn statements  that they have not spoken to Mayor Lee or recuse themselves.

Mirkarimi attorneys Shepard Kopp and David Waggoner have also filed declarations signed by San Francisco Building Commissioner Debra Walker and former President of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin, in which they give evidence that Mayor Lee perjured himself while testifying in the case before the Ethics Commission.  

For Pacifica, KPFA Radio, I’m Ann Garrison.




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