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South African gang rape victim dies after police negligence leads to alleged perpetrators' release

KPFA Evening News, 03.13.2013

Thandiswa Qubuda died in a Grahamstown, South Africa hospital on Thursday night, of injuries sustained six weeks earlier in a brutal gang rape. Ayanda Kota, a spokesperson for the South African Unemployed People's Movement of Grahamstown, told KPFA that it took the police three hours to arrive at the scene of the crime after it was reported, even though there's a police station barely a half mile away, and that a judge released the alleged gang rapists because police failed to gather sufficient evidence. Now that Thandiswa Qubuda has died, he said, a murder case has been opened.

The Unemployed People's Movement also issued a release saying that poor people cannot expect protection, only violence and oppression, from the South African Police.  

Earlier this week, bystanders captured cell phone video of police dragging a Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia along the ground tied to the back of a police van.  Macia was left to die of unattended injuries in a jail cell.

For the Unemployed People's Movement release, see Thandiswa Qubuda has Died.

Ayanda Kota on South Africa 2012



In March this year, WBAI AfrobeatRadio spoke to Ayanda Kota, Chair of the Unemployed People's Union in Grahamstown, South Africa about South Africa as it is now, in 2012.  In this excerpt, he described it as the realization of what slain South African writer and activist Stephen Biko had predicted.  His description resonates with news of the police massacre of striking mine workers, on 08.16.2012, at the Lonmin Mining Corporation's Marikana platinum mine.

Ayanda Kota had, in March, spoken of almost daily land evictions and, after the Marikana massacre, University of Capetown Professor Gavin Capps told Democracy Now that its context was land loss, and the destruction of rural communities caused by a platinum mining boom that began in the late 1990s.


Ayanda Kota arrested: Come and see the newsmaker of the year now





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