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Uganda: Rallies for regime change grow despite repression

KPFA Weekend News, 02.05.2012

Uganda's anti-gay distraction is back

KPFA Weekend News, 10.29.2011

War on Terror: U.S. in Africa, Uganda in Somalia, al Shabaab in Uganda

KPFA Weekend News, 05.28.2011:  Human rights activist and Black Star News contributor Michael Kirkpatrick on Major General Kale Kayihura's warning to Ugandan opposition leaders--that al Shabaab terrorists may be in country to assassinate them.

Besigye's Return to Kampala

On May 12th, 2011, Yoweri Museveni's Inauguration Day, Dr. Kizza Besigye returned to Uganda's capitol Kampala, after receiving emergency medical treatment in Nairobi, Kenya, to treat injuries sustained when the Ugandan Police severely beat him and sprayed pepper spray into his face at close range during Uganda's Walk to Work protests against food and fuel prices.  Welcoming crowds awaited Dr. Besigye, whom many consider the rightful winner of Uganda's February presidential election.

Flashpoints: Will Uganda be the next Egypt or Tunisia?


04.28.2011 -  Pacifica's KPFA Flashpoints Radio, 99.5FM-Berkeley, heard in the San Francisco Bay Area and much of Northern California, and streaming on the Web, played Pacifica WBAI AfrobeatRadio's news feature on the Ugandan uprising over food and fuel prices, and asked, "Will Uganda be the next Egypt or Tunisia?"  Notes on the geopolitical context, and the latest, most violent arrest of opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye with Flashpoints host Dennis Bernstein. 


Here also is NTV-Uganda's video of the brutal arrest of Dr. Besigye discussed in the show:  

NTV-Uganda also reports, since Besigye's arrest, that the Ugandan Army has been brought in: 



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