Berkeley Copwatch: Make the police obsolete

Berkeley Copwatch still seeks justice for the death of Kayla Moore in police custody in 2013.

KPFA Weekend News, 12.13.2014

Berkeley Copwatch co-founder Andrea Prichett spoke to KPFA about justice for Kayla Moore and organizing for the long haul, to make police obsolete.   

California Assembly votes to crush clean power


KPFA Evening News, broadcast 05.31.2014

During the last week of May the California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 2145, causing outrage among the state's clean power advocates. Eric Brooks of Our City and the San Francisco Green Party told KPFA that if the California Senate passes AB 2145 and the governor signs it into law, it will crush the community based clean power movement.


FBI and Oakland Police raid West Oakland homes, Copwatch documents

KPFA Evening News, 04.28.2013

On Wednesday this week heavily armed FBI and Bay Area police deployed in four East Bay locations, most heavily in West Oakland’s Acorn Housing Projects, where they engaged in multiple simultaneous raids of residences. Neither residents nor local media were given an immediate explanation but at 1:00 A.M. OPD issued a press release. It said that over 120 OPD officers had joined 150 FBI agents from all over the country and the San Leandro, Hayward, and Antioch police departments, and that they had entered residences with warrants and made five arrests, seized four firearms, and confiscated narcotics.

Jacob Crawford of We Copwatch was on the scene with a video camera. 

A resident of West Oakland's ACORN Housing Project told Jacob Crawford of We Copwatch that police had raided her mother's house and that neither she nor her mother, who has only one leg and depends on a life support system, knew why. Oakland Police Officer Tedesco stands to the left, next to an unmarked police vehicle.


Oakland closes schools, subsidizes Raiders' owners

KPFA Evening News, 01.03.2013


Oakland City Council hires William Bratton and removes Desley Brooks from the JPA

Oakland 6th District Councilwoman Desley Brooks


KPFA Evening News, 01.22.2012

Two items were hotly contested at the 01.22.26, Oakland City Council meeting:

1.)  The Council vote to sign a $250,000 contract with former NYPD and LAPD police chief, turned corporate police consultant William Bratton, in hopes of reducing Oakland's homicide and violent crime rate.

2) The Council vote to confirm Rebecca Kaplan's appointment to replace Desley Brooks on the Joint Powers Authority that oversees management of the Oakland Coliseum and Arena.  

The only obvious similarities between the two most hotly contested votes at this meeting were that both concerned Oakland city contracting, and, in both cases, District #6 Councilwoman Desley Brooks cast the sole dissenting vote. 

(Headline updated, 01.27.2012.)


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