Barbara Lee

Congressional shame and disgrace on ISIS War

KPFA Weekend News, 01.09.2015
California's Thirteenth District Congressperson Barbara Lee told KPFA it's a shame and disgrace that Congress is ducking its responsibility to approve or disapprove the US war on ISIS.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee's second job? U.S. Ambassador?

KPFA Evening News, 09.15.2013

Earlier this week Bay Area news outlets reported that California's Thirteenth District Congresswoman Barbara Lee will become the U.S. Representative to the UN General Assembly, and that she would at the same time continue to serve her district in the House.

Barbara Lee, Sudan, and the African oil wars


KPFA Evening News, 04.29.2012

Africa advocates fear that California's Ninth District Congresswoman Barbara Lee may be leading the U.S. into another oil war in Africa, despite her anti-war voting record and good intentions. KPFA asked Ugandan American Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi what he would most like to say to Congresswoman Barbara Lee.



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