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Conway smears Campos, hides behind Mirkarimi

KPFA Evening News, 05.17.2014

Billionaire San Francisco tech investor Ron Conway wants to see Supervisor David Chiu, not Supervisor David Campos, become California's next 17th District Assemblyman.He's even reviving his 2012 smear campaign against Christina Olague for voting to reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - this time against David Campos.   


San Francisco Supervisors David Chiu, left, and David Campos,right, are vying for the 17th District California State Assembly Seat being vacated by Tom Ammiano.

Race and Ranked Choice Voting in San Francisco

KPFA Evening News, 11.17.2012

In his Fog City Journal essay, the D5 Progressive Coalition Meltdown, election reform expert and advocate Steven Hill analyzed the progressives loss of San Francisco's District 5, when not enough 2nd and 3rd place votes on ballots marked for the three progressive were transferred to the other three progressives. Hill told KPFA that the conservative candidates in District 7 also failed to defeat Norman Yee, despite some conservative "stickiness" that made for a very close race.  

Hill also said that San Francisco progressives would do well to build bridges with London Breed and that they should embrace the reality of race in San Francisco politics because communities of color are using Ranked Choice Voting very effectively. Although District 5 is now only ten percent Black, it includes the historically Black Fillmore District, and London Breed campaigned hard within that community, where she was born and raised, and served as Executive Director of the African American Cultural Center.

And, with Chinese American Norman Yee winning his race in District 7 by only 131 votes, after ten days of counting and tallying ranked choices, it's hard to imagine that he wasn't helped, perhaps even put over the top, by the Asian vote in a 34% Asian district. 

San Francisco Department of Elections map:


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