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ENOUGH says U.S. Special Forces need more support to get Kony

KPFA Evening News, November 24, 2013

East African warlord Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA,) are back in the news, but Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi says the "news" from the ENOUGH Project is so preposterous that they might as well say the LRA is now based on Mars.

U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary negotiates use of Ugandan troops to secure U.S. interests

KPFA Evening News, 08.04.2013

Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited Uganda at the end of July to plan the latest phase of Uganda military collaboration in securing U.S. interests on the African continent. Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi commented on this collaboration which began in 1986.


KONY 2012 Redux


KPFA Evening News, 11.11.2012

Kony 2012 is back. Invisible Children co-founders Jason Russell and Jedediah Jenkins say that their November 17, 2012 march and rally in Washington D.C. will be their generation's equivalent of the August 28, 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Their new Youtube video features pictures of Dr. Martin Luther King, who led the 1963 march, and promises that this will be "just like that." Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi responds.  


Invisible Children co-founders Jason Russell and Jedediah Jenkins tell their audience that the most important thing to bring to their November 17th march and rally is the KONY 2012 T-shirt, which they are selling online for $20.


Fareed Zakaria and Paul Kagame on catching Kony in D.R. Congo


KPFA Evening News, 08.11.2012

This "related news" relates to another 08.11.2012 KPFA News report: Rwandese and Congolese to the ICC: Indict Kagame. It's the real reason why CNN and TIME Magazine should be embarrassed to have given so much air time and so many column inches to Fareed Zakaria for so long.  And, why CNN should be embarrassed by its Global Square producers. 


CHINA 2012: Hillary Clinton meets Yoweri Museveni


KPFA Evening News, 08.04.2012

Milton Allimadi told KPFA that there is no such thing as the hunt for Joseph Kony. Nii Akuetteh said that Hillary's remarks in Africa would be hilarious if the situation weren't so serious.

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