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The ENOUGH Project calls for a conflict free Black Friday


KPFA Weekend News, 11.22.2015.

As if Black Friday's consumer brawls weren't grim enough, the ENOUGH Project stepped up to ask consumer electronics shoppers to make it "conflict free Black Friday."  

Congo's problems are Museveni, Kagame, and Kabila, not the FDLR


KPFA Weekend News, broadcast 01.18.2015
Friends of the Congo's Executive Director Maurice Carney told KPFA that the Democratic Republic of the Congo's real problems are Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, and Congo's own President Joseph Kabila, not the FDLR or any other militia operating in the eastern DRC. 

Bruce Dixon on Rwanda Day in Atlanta

KPFA Evening News, 09.20.2013

In this case African governments have a few million ripped from the hide of their suffering people to spend on PR, y'know. And the Black political class wants a cut of that.  -Bruce Dixon


The UN Combat Intervention Brigade in Congo won't combat resource theft


KPFA Evening News, 06.22.2013

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is arguably the most resource rich nation on earth, but the Congolese' people's living standard is the lowest by all measures. Friends of the Congo's Executive Director told KPFA that the UN Combat Intervention Brigade now deploying in the eastern Congo was not created to change that, or to oppose African dictators who facilitate the theft and grossly unfair extraction of Congo's wealth.  

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Congolese President Joseph Kabila, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at the February 2013 conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for DRC was signed.


KPFA Morning Mix on the eastern Congo conflict


KPFA Morning Mix, 12.17.2012

Maurice Carney, Executive Director of Friends of the Congo speaks with KPFA Morning Mix host Sabrina Jacobs, and KPFA's Ann Garrison reportson the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the U.S. relationship with Rwanda.  



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