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KPFA Morning Mix on the eastern Congo conflict


KPFA Morning Mix, 12.17.2012

Maurice Carney, Executive Director of Friends of the Congo speaks with KPFA Morning Mix host Sabrina Jacobs, and KPFA's Ann Garrison reportson the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the U.S. relationship with Rwanda.  


Wayne Madsen on U.S. bases and the Congo conflict


KPFA Evening News, 12.08.2012

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, author of Decade of Death, Secret Wars and Genocide in Africa,1993 - 2003, spoke to KPFA about U.S. involvement in the Congo conflict, from the 1990s until now.

Rwanda and Uganda's M23 are terrorists, not 'Congo rebels,' says Allimadi


Headlines still refer to the M23 militia as "Congo rebels," even  though many now report that M23 are "supported by Rwanda and Uganda" and that Rwandan Defense Minister James Kabarebe is at the top of their command structure. Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi told KPFA that, "Media organizations that continue to refer to them as rebels are in fact colluding in this violent criminal enterprise against the people of Congo." 


Iain Edwards: Victoire Ingabire's trial will not end within the borders of Rwanda


KPFA Evening News, 10.20.2012

On Tuesday Reuters broke the news of a 44-page UN Panel of Experts report that Rwandan Defence Minister Jams Kabarebe is commanding the M23 militia in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The report also accuses Rwanda and Uganda of arming the militia and sending its own troops to help it launch a deadly attack on UN peacekeepers. Three days later, on Friday, a Rwandan court postponed the verdict in the related trial of Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire for the third time. KPFA spoke to Ingabire's British lawyer Iain Edwards.


Victoire Ingabire's British lawyer Iain Edwards, left, Victoire Ingabire, center, and her Rwandan lawyer Gatera Gashebana, right


War crimes complaint against Rwanda's Kagame delivered to the ICC


On August 17, 2012, Rwandans, Congolese, and international criminal attorney Christopher Black gathered in The Hague to deliver a complaint and documentary evidence to Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, calling upon her to investigate Rwandan President Paul Kagame for war crimes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On the same day, members of opposition parties walked to Kigali's 1930 maximum security prison, where their leaders are incarcerated, in solidarity. KPFA spoke to Alice Muhirwa, treasurer of the United Democratic Forces or FDU-Inking opposition party in Rwanda.



Members of opposition parties, FDU-Inkingi and Parti Social-Imberakuri, walk in solidarity with the action in The Hague.


International criminal attorney Christopher Black spoke to the press after joining Rwandans and Congolese to present their complaint against Paul Kagame at the ICC.



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