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Race, Class, and MLK's legacy in Obama's America, Part Two



WBAI AfrobeatRadio, 01.26.2013: WBAI AfrobeatRadio's conversation with Bruce A. Dixon, Managing Editor of the Black Agenda Report, and Davey D. Cooke, Pacifica/KPFA/Hard Knock Radio host, broadcast 01.26.2013, Part Two. Part One was broadcast 01.19.2013.


Bush Street, in San Francisco, informally named after President Obama by some of his admirers.


"Racial solidarity is definitely a horse that anyone can ride. The good guys, or the bad guys.  So that means that it can't be the only horse, or even the main one, that we're on here.   That's not how we tell our enemies.  We don't tell our enemies at this point, and our friends, by the color of their faces.  That just doesn't work  And of course, really, when you look at it, truly and really, that never worked." -Bruce A. Dixon


"Those who are in power, that 1%, that elite, are looking out and they're saying 'we're gonna open up and allow a few of y'all to become members, just a few . . .  it's only a handful that's gonna be allowed there, but many people are gonna try. It's like trying' out for the NBA, y'know. . . .we only gonna take 2 people from your neighborhood, but thousands will try."  -Dave 'Davey D' Cooke


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