Assault convictions of Berkeley homeless men reversed by cell phone video

KPFA Weekend News, 04.11.2015

The assault convictions of two Berkeley homeless men were reversed after a cell phone video proved instead that "ambassadors," hired by Berkeley property owners, assaulted them. Activist Bob Offer-Westort says that the Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) has created a situation that will inevitably lead to further violence.


Berkeley Copwatch: Make the police obsolete

Berkeley Copwatch still seeks justice for the death of Kayla Moore in police custody in 2013.

KPFA Weekend News, 12.13.2014

Berkeley Copwatch co-founder Andrea Prichett spoke to KPFA about justice for Kayla Moore and organizing for the long haul, to make police obsolete.   

Copwatch founder Andrea Prichett on Berkeley police violence protest



KPFA Evening News, 12.07.2014

Berkeley teacher and Copwatch co-founder Andrea Prichett spoke to KPFA about the protest against police violence in Berkeley, California on December 6, 2014.


Copwatch's Andrea Prichett on Berkeley police protest

KPFA Evening News, 12.09.2014

After Belgian scholar Filip Reyntjens read what had been said about him at Rwanda's Commission of Inquiry into 'genocide denial' by the BBC, he offered to speak to them himself, but they refused to hear him, despite their own accusations that the BBC was biased and willing to listen to only one side.

Coalition for a Taser Free Berkeley ready to oppose taser use by BPD



KPFA Evening News, 06.29.2014

The Coalition for a Taser Free Berkeley brings Berkeley civic organizations and city commissions together to oppose arming the Berkeley Police with tasers. Taser use is now under consideration by the Berkeley City Council.



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