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Rwanda, Burundi and the assassination of three Hutu presidents

Melchior Ndadaye, Burundi's first elected president, and the first Hutu president, was assassinated by the country's Tutsi army on October 21, 1993.

KPFA Weekend News, 04.09.2016

The Rwandan Genocide is commemorated in Rwanda and at the United Nations as "the Genocide against the Tutsi." However, it was preceded by the assassination of three Hutu Presidents and by the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Hutu civilians in Burundi. There is also ample evidence that hundreds of thousands of Hutus, as well as Tutsis, died in the Rwandan massacres.

  Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira were both assassinated when Habyarimana's plane was shot out of the sky over Kigali, Rwanda on April 6, 1994. Both were members of their countries' Hutu majorities. No one has ever been prosecuted for the crime.


African Great Lakes Region wracked by presidential succession struggles


KPFA Weekend News, 10.31.2015

Which presidents will remain in power in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighbors, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and the Republic of the Congo?

Rwanda: Nahimana asks why the US wants to deport Munyakazi


KPFA Weekend News, 09.26.2015

Dr. Léopold Munyakazi has been denied an emergency stay of his extradition to Rwanda. Father Thomas Nahima says that this is unjust because Dr. Munyakazi has committed no crime.

The voice of reason regarding Burundi

Dr. Charles Kambanda's essay, which was first posted to the Facebook forum Friends of Reason, brought reason to the discussion of presidential term limits in Burundi, which had been overwhelmed by propaganda and fearmongering about the renewal of ethnic violence between Hutus and Tutsis in the tiny East African nation. 

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