NATO didn't bomb Libya for the 99%

U.S. drones fired Tomahawk Cruise missiles over Libya, at the outset of the U.S./NATO invasion and occupation of Libya. It was not part of the global Occupy Movement.

Contrary to what the video below suggests, the U.S./NATO invasion and occupation of Libya, behind the National Transition Council (NTC), does not belong on the growing map of  global movements identified with the phrase "We are the 99%."  The video, featuring Libyan rebels backed by the U.S./NATO, appears on the OccupySouthAfrica web page, and on the Youtube, under the heading Evolution of Revolution - World Revolution Day 15 October 2011, where it's winning thousands of viewers, most of whom, excepting myself, seem enthusiastic. 

But the U.S./NATO did not bomb Libya in the interests of the 99%, not the 99% in Libya or anywhere else. They bombed in the interests of the 1%, which is hungry for control of Libya's sweet crude oil, uranium, gold, and other resources, and its militarily strategic location.

Why is Syria, which is most likely next on the U.S./NATO list, also in this video?  Why not Uganda, where demonstrators  have marched in the streets and been shot and jailed to protest a fraudulent election followed by soaring food and fuel prices?  Why not Congo, where political opposition is struggling against all odds for a free and fair election?  Why not Rwanda, where opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza is on trial for challenging Rwandan President Paul Kagame's official, Constitutionally codified version of the genocide in Rwanda, and opposition leader Bernard Ntaganda is already in prison?  The presidents of these three countries, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, all facilitate the extraction of tens of billions of dollars worth of African natural resources to Western investors, as the Libyan NTC will, even as it struggles, with U.S./NATO support, to conquer ongoing Libyan resistance.

Goodhearted though this video may be, it threatens to confuse and co-opt the movement identifying as "the 99%" to the U.S./NATO agenda, in the interest of the 1% and their faux humanitarian invasions to seize resources in the name of human rights.

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