Did anyone win a 06.05.2012 election without spending the most money?

Wisconsin's Republican union buster Scott Walker beat his recall challenger on Tuesday, 06.05.2012. Reader Supported News ran a story with the headline: WALKER SPENT 88% OF THE MONEY TO GET 53% OF THE VOTE, with the numbers used to calculate it: Walker's $30.5 million to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's $4 million. Anyone have a story of an outspent winner, candidate or ballot proposition?

Does anyone know of any American elections that weren't won with money on Tuesday? Any winning candidates or ballot issues that didn't outspend the opposition?  If so, how in the inferno did you do that? If not, shouldn't we start saving scarce public funds squandered on all these elections and just award the office or ballot victory to the highest bidders?


I still have hope, a little, or maybe I'm just looking for some good copy or audio. My own motivations aren't always transparent to me. But, whatever they be, If you can explain your underfunded electoral win in a few paragraphs, please do, or take more time if needed. 


I can't say this is going to appear in the initial launch of my new publication, The News Garrison, because, despite its defensive solidity, The News Garrison remains in the ideal realm. The name just came to me this morning. But, I also suggested that someone at KPFA ask this question and throw the phones open. Might be no one on the line for so long that they have to move on, but that in itself would be emphatic.  


If there are a few stories to report . . .even one??? . . .  I might try to write something up or produce a radio piece.


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