South Africa calling Oakland, California re Occupy U.S.A.

CII Broadcasting LTDOn Sunday morning, November 13th, I called Grahamstown, South Africa, to record a KPFA News story on Occupy South Africa, the first African Occupy on the global Occupy map. It was actually very early Sunday morning, 1:00 am in Grahamstown, but Ayanda Kota kindly woke up and let me record his answers to a few questions.

Two days later, after police had evicted both Occupy Oakland-CA and Occupy Wall Street-NYC, CII Broadcasting's Global Outlook called me from Johannesburg to ask about all that, over here. This is our conversation, after which I asked my gracious host Hassan Isilow, a Somalian working in Johannesburg, to write something for or the San Francisco Bay View to help us understand the war in Somalia from his perspective.



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