Ross Mirkarimi on Eliana, Ethics, and Mayor Ed Lee

Eliana Lopez, left, and Ross Mirkarimi, right, united after a San Francisco Superior Court judge lifted the stay away order that has kept them apart.


Extended version of KPFA News aired on 07.21.2012.

Suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's wife Eliana Lopez fiercely defended her husband at this week's San Francisco Ethics Commission hearings to determine whether or not they will recommend that the Board of Supervisors vote to remove Sheriff Mirkarimi from office because of domestic violence allegations arising from a neighbor's report of their heated New Year's Eve argument. The next day Lopez testified in San Francisco Superior Court that she did not need protection from her husband. The stay away order that has kept Mirkarimi, Lopez, and their son Theo apart was finally lifted, and Ross and Eliana hugged and kissed, surrounded by their cheering supporters.  Eliana said they were on their way to call Theo, as a family.

A shorter version of this news story aired on the KPFA Evening News on 06.21.2012. This extended version includes Ross Mirkarimi's remarks on the implausible bomb scare during Mayor Ed Lee's testimony and allegations that the mayor perjured himself under oath.


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