h. brown on the bomb threat that interrupted Mayor Ed Lee's sworn testimony



h. bulldog brown Photo courtesy Luke Thomas and Fog City Journal KPFA Evening News, 08.08.2012

San Francisco politics maven h. "bulldog" brown spoke to KPFA about the bomb threat that interrupted San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's sworn testimony before the San Francisco Ethics Commission on 06.29.2012.




There is no transcript available for this KPFA audio archive, but here are a few screenshots from SF Government TV's webcast video archive of the 06.29 Ethics Commission hearing, with quotes, exactly what was being said, and/or descriptions of what was being done at the time they were captured.


  "Would you agree with me that one of the things that is expected of elected officials is for them to be honest and forthright in dealing not only with their constituents, but with other elected officials?"  -Shepard Kopp's last question to Mayor Ed Lee before the San Francisco Ethics Commission, moments before Commission Chair Benedict Hur adjourned the hearing because of a "security threat."


"Mr. Kopp, I'm very sorry to interrupt you, and that question will be pending, but I've been instructed that we need to adjourn the proceedings, for now, and we will resume when it's permissible, but the meeting is adjourned."  -Ethics Commission Chair Benedict Hur, right after Mayor Lee made the statements that caused Debra Walker and Aaron Peskin to accuse him of perjury.


Ethics Commission hearing adjourned. Two plainclothes policemen escorted Mayor Lee from the hearing room, left. The taller of the two, wearing a beige suit, walked with his right arm over the mayor's shoulders, while the other, wearing a dark suit, walked ahead of them.


SFPD security detail told Mayor Lee that he had to leave the hearing due to a bomb threat.  Only the mayor was evacuated from City Hall.  Photo courtesy Luke Thomas and Fog City Journal.  

Today h. brown said that Luke's photo, published with Allegation of Mayoral Perjury Casts Doubt on Official Misconduct Case Against Suspended Sheriff, made him think that SF GOV TV must have captured this image, and video frames surrounding it, in their archive of the webcast hearing, but no such frames appear to be included in the video viewable at http://sanfrancisco.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=142&clip_id=15510.  But, h. said everything else he said stands.



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