San Francisco Trans March proud of Bradley Manning

KPFA Evening News, 06.09.2013
The San Francisco Pride Board of Directors announced on Friday that it will not reinstate Bradley Manning as a 2013 Pride Parade Grand Marshal but the Dyke and Trans Marches have both said that they will honor Bradley Manning at their Pride Weekend events.
KPFA Evening News Anchor Anthony Fest: This past Friday, the San Francisco Pride Committee announced their final decision that Bradley Manning will 
Bradley Manning not be an official Grand Marshal of the city's LGBT Pride Parade on June 30th. The Dyke March published a statement titled “Not Proud of Pride,” and the Trans March published a statement saying they will be honoring Bradley Manning at their march on Friday, June 28th, on the opening of the PRIDE Weekend.
KPFA’s Ann Garrison spoke to Trans March spokesperson Jaron Brown.
KPFA/Ann Garrison: Jaron, how does the Trans March plan to honor Bradley Manning at its march on Friday, the Friday before the big parade? 
Jaron Browne: The Trans March is gonna be honoring Bradley Manning by awarding a certificate of recognition for his actions in protection of all peoples' right to live in safety and dignity, within the U.S., and in Afghanistan and Iraq. And we'll be presenting that award to a transgender active leader within the Bradley Manning Support Committee, because obviously Bradley Manning can't be there himself. 
KPFA: And, is there anything else you'd like to say about why you're doing this?
Jaron Browne: I think one of the most important things is just to realize that the values of human rights, of the right of people to live in safety and dignity are widely held within LGBT communities, and transgender activist Leslie Feinberg, author and Pulitzer Prize Winner Alice Walker, all kinds of groups from around the country and around the world within our community have stood in line with honoring Bradley and the Trans March is just acting in a commonly widely held belief within our community, and a value in our community, and that way we also feel that the Pride Committee should honor Bradley Manning as a Grand Marshal. Pride should stand in line with us and we're really proud to get to honor Bradley and honor everybody who's willing to risk their life for other people's safety and for all of our collective safety. 

Bradley's case right now is really important, but we hope that it also moves our community as a whole to pay attention to what's going on.
KPFA: Jaron, thanks a lot. 
Jaron Browne: Thank you so much.
KPFA: And that was Jaron Browne, speaking for the Trans March, which joins the Dyke March, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, the San Francisco Green Party, and Iraq Veterans Against the War/Civilian-Soldier Alliance, SF Chapters in saying that they plan to honor Bradley Manning at this year’s San Francisco Pride Weekend. For Pacifica, KPFA Radio, I’m Ann Garrison.
(The Trans March will begin gathering at Mission Dolores Park at 3 pm for performances, speakers, and fun, and begin their march at around 6:30 pm on Friday, June 28th. As of 06.10.2013, over 300 people have signed up to march with the Bradley Manning contingent at the San Francisco Pride Parade down Market Street on Sunday, 06.30.2013. )


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