Chokwe Lumumba's close race: why it matters

KPFA Evening News, 05.18.2013

The Jackson, Mississippi press is reporting "crunch time" in a close mayor's race. Jackson’s population is majority Black and Democratic, so Tuesday’s Democratic primary run-off, between Black Democrat Chokwe Lumumba and Black Democrat Jonathan Lee, will effectively determine who the city’s next mayor will be. The Jackson Free Press reports, however, that donors to the Jonathan Lee campaign have also given $1.2 million to federal Republican campaigns since 2008. Second District Mississippi Congressman Bernie Thompson has endorsed and campaigned with Lumumba, whom he calls "the real Democrat" in the race.

ColorLines Founding Editor Bob Wing, who traveled from Durham, North Carolina to Jackson, Mississippi, to work on the Chokwe Lumumba for Mayor campaign, spoke to KPFA about why it matters. 



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