Paramilitary 'anti-land invasion units' celebrate South Africa's UnFreedom Day by destroying Marikana Township


KPFA Evening News, 05.04.2013 

Cindy Ketani, of Abahlali baseMjondolo, aka the Shackdwellers' Movement, at Marikana Township On April 27th, some South Africans celebrated UnFreedom Day, on the national holiday officially called "Freedom Day," which was created to celebrate the country’s first democratic elections after the end of apartheid, in 1994.

UnFreedom Day was started by the Shackdwellers Movement in Durban and has become a day of education, protest, art, films and performances to demonstrate that South Africa’s poor are still not free.

This year's Unfreedom Day in Capetown marked the beginning of a shackdweller's battle with police, bulldozers, and anti-land invasion units on land that the city has long owned and left vacant. 


Zowi Zulu and her newborn child after being thrown out of their shack by the police. Photo: Abahlali_3

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