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Allimadi: The U.S. is not interested in going after the LRA

KPFA Evening News, 02.16.2013

Milton Allimadi tells KPFA that he doesn't believe this LRA story any more than he did four years ago, when he didn't believe it for one minute.  And says that John Prendergast and General Museveni probably wrote the February 15th wire story about Congolese troops joining Ugandan troops to hunt Kony and the LRA, so as to make it look like things are now OK between Uganda and Congo and both are searching for a common enemy. 


John Prendergast, left, co-founder of the ENOUGH Project and advocate for the U.S.-backed hunt for Joseph Kony and the LRA in Uganda, DR Congo, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan. John Prendergast, left, co-founder of the Enough Project, has said that President Obama should, quote, unleash the dogs of war and let them hunt, unquote, for Kony and the LRA. Milton Allimadi, right, Ugandan American Editor of the Black Star News,,says that the hunt for Kony and the LRA are an excuse to introduce U.S. troops and military operations to secure oil in East and Central Africa.


KPFA News Anchor Cameron Jones: An AP newswire posted to outlets all over the world today said that the Democratic Republic of the Congo has sent 500 troops to join a Uganda-led military effort to hunt down Joseph Kony, the fugitive head of the Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA rebel group, bringing the number of African soldiers deployed against the LRA up to 3,350, assisted by U.S. Special Forces.  KPFA has, for the past three years, broadcast the voices of journalists, scholars, and anti-war activists, including Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi, Friends of the Congo Executive Director Maurice Carney, and journalist Keith Harmon Snow, who say that the hunt for the LRA is really a hunt for East and Central African oil. KPFA’s Ann Garrison filed this report.
KPFA/Ann Garrison: Ugandan American Black Star News Editor Milton Allimadi said that the fraudulent nature of the U.S.-backed hunt for Joseph Kony and the LRA hasn’t changed since he said this on KPFA in late 2010:.  
Milton Allimadi: I don't buy this LRA business, not for one minute. The United States is not interested in going after the LRA. If the Ugandan government, which is familiar with the terrain, could not defeat the LRA in 24 years of conflict, what added dimension can the United States bring to this? We already saw one disastrous instance, in December 2008, using U.S. logistical support and intelligence, the Ugandan Army attacked the LRA camp at Garamba, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And the consequences were just disastrous. They failed to get the key leaders of the LRA and instead provoked massacres of innocent Congolese civilians. Who knows who did the killings, whether it was the LRA or the Ugandan troops? It was a massive disaster.
KPFA: Allimadi, like many other Africa scholars, has always said that the U.S. hunt for Joseph Kony is a fraud designed to secure East and Central African oil for U.S. and other Western interests. 
Though not reachable by phone today, Allimadi sent KPFA a message saying that, QUOTE, “These troops are not going to hunt for anything.....except maybe natural resource loot. John Prendergast and General Museveni probably wrote that news wire together, to make it look like things are now "normal" between Uganda and Congo and both are searching for "common enemy," UNQUOTE.  
In 2012, the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo produced a report saying that the M23 militia which had resumed the war for control of the resource rich eastern Congo was backed by Uganda and Rwanda and that its top officers even reported to top defense and security officials in Uganda, but the UN Security Council, heavily influenced by UN Ambassador Susan Rice, has refused to sanction officials of both countries. Both are longstanding U.S. allies and, quote unquote, "military partners."
For Pacifica, KPFA and AfrobeatRadio, I’m Ann Garrison.

Richmond Rally: Arrest Chevron's executive war criminals


Pacifica Evening News, 09.03.2012

Protestors gathered at the gate to the Chevron Corporation's refinery in Richmond California where, a month ago, fires spurted from two of the refinery towers and a black cloud of toxic smoke hung over San Francisco Bay, above Richmond and neighboring communities.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi in San Francisco and Beyond


Ross Mirkarimi outside the Ethics Commission, 06.29.2012. KPFA Evening News, 06.16.2012

KPFA spoke to suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi about the upcoming  Ethics Commission hearing  to consider whether the Commission will recommend that the Board of Supervisors vote to restore him to elected office or permanently remove him.  


Ross Mirkarimi said he was blown away by the crowd of supporters awaiting him at the 05.29.2012 San Francisco Ethics Commission hearing regarding his case.


Oil, African Genocide, and the USA's LRA Excuse


KPFA Evening News, 12.04.2010
On Wednesday, November 24th, 2010, President Obama sent Congress his plan to mobilize Uganda's army, the Uganda People's Defense Force, to cross its northern border into the Central African Republic and Southern Sudan, to disarm the Lord's Resistance Army, a militia that has been fighting the Ugandan government for over 20 years. The White House issued a statement saying:
“The development of the strategy, relied on the significant involvement of the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the US Agency for International Development and the Intelligence Community."   --White House "Strategy to Support the Disarmament of the Lord's Resistance Army," posted to the website of the Pulitzer Center

Obama or Ban-Ki-Moon could end Congo catastrophe


KPFA Evening News, 06.02.2012

​The Congo conflict and human catastrophe has continued despite a peace treaty formally ending the Second Congo War in 2003. It entered a new phase with the Rwandan backed CNDP rebellion in the Kivu Provinces in April 2012. Ugandan reporter, television producer, and broadcaster Paul Ndiho told KPFA that everyone knows who is doing what in Congo, but that regional and international powers are unwilling to stop it.




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