Burundi unbowed


KPFA Weekend News, 01.23.2016.

The tiny East African nation of Burundi remains unbowed despite pressure from Western officials.


President Pierre Nkurunziza, center, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power to his left, Angolan Ambassador to the UN Ismael A. Gaspar Martins to his right Photo: Reuters


Uganda: Milton Allimadi on 02.18.2016 presidential election

Flashpoints Investigative Radio, on Pacifica/KPFA, 01.21.2015.

The U.S. and the upcoming Ugandan presidential election.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, left, and challengers Amama Mbabazi, center, and Dr. Kizza Besigye, right

Burundi atrocities fraud exposed by France 24 Observers

Refugees International on Rwandan recruitment of Burundian refugees

KPFA Weekend News, 01.09.2015.

On Rwandan recruitment of Burundian refugees into a new rebel army in Africa's war ravaged Great Lakes Region.


Burundi: Nkurunziza uplifts Burundi's 93 percent rural poor

KPFA Weekend News, 12.25.2015.

Supporters of President Pierre Nkurunziza say that the key social divide in Burundi is not Hutu and Tutsi, but urban and rural.

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