Burundi accuses Rwanda of training rebels for cross border attacks


KPFA Weekend News, 10.03.2015

KPFA spoke to Father Thomas Nahimana, and the US State Department, about accusations that Rwanda is training rebels to engage in cross border attacks to destabilize Burundi.

Burkina Faso: France, the U.S. and the spirit of Sankara


KPFA Weekend News, 09.27.2015

Paul Sankara says the Burkinabe army are supporting the people against the coup plotters. Dr. Gnaka La Goke says that anyone who thinks the presidential guard would attempt a coup d’état without the knowledge and complicity of the U.S. and France is refusing to see how things are done in the 21st century.


Rwanda: Nahimana asks why the US wants to deport Munyakazi


KPFA Weekend News, 09.26.2015

Dr. Léopold Munyakazi has been denied an emergency stay of his extradition to Rwanda. Father Thomas Nahima says that this is unjust because Dr. Munyakazi has committed no crime.

Struggle for power continues in Burkina Faso

KPFA Weekend News, 09.19.2015

Who'll assume control in Burkina Faso and what will it mean? 

War games in Pleasanton??? Urban Shield returns to the East Bay

KPFA Weekend News, 09.13.2015

Last year the Stop Urban Shield Coalition succeeded in getting the City of Oakland to cancel this year's Urban Shield war games and weapons exposition. Nevertheless, Urban Shield returned to the Bay Area on 09/11, once again organized by Alameda County Sheriff Gregory L. Ahern and the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. This time its hub is in Pleasanton, a suburb between Oakland and Livermore with a population of roughly 70,000.

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