Rwanda: US Congress asks whether President Kagame hires assassins

Southern California Congressmember Karen Bass and New Jersey Congressmember Chris Smith queried Rwanda's representative Willis Shalita about evidence that Rwandan President Paul Kagame hired assassins to eliminate his enemies abroad.  

No way to escape the eye of the state in Rwanda

KPFA Weekend News, 05.23.2015

On 05.21.2015, David Himbara told a US Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing on US relations with Rwanda that "the smallest administrative unit is ten houses and every ten houses is watched by one individual, and as you move on, the whole state machinery driving fear is very well established." KPFA asked him to elaborate.


Coup attempt defeated in Burundi, US continues to recognize Nkurunziza

KPFA Weekend News, 05.16.2015

A coup attempt prevented Burundi's President Nkurunziza from flying home from Arusha, Tanzania earlier this week, but Nkurunziza now seems to be firmly back in control. The US has called on Burundi to step down and not seek a third term in office, but they do not appear to have supported the aborted coup.


Museveni and Rice shake hands on Uganda's occupation of South Sudan

Susan Rice, left, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni KPFA Weekend News, 05.10.2015

"The cynicism and utter disregard for the lives of millions of Africans in Congo, Uganda, and South Sudan must end."  -Milton Allimadi

Black and Grey Power Uprising in Vallejo

KPFA Weekend News, 05.09.2015

A Black and Grey Power uprising in Vallejo is demanding the return of a tournament size pool table donated to the Florence Douglas Senior Center by Vallejo native son CC Sabathia, a major league baseball star currently pitching for the New York Yankees. The senior center has operated as a non-profit corporation in Vallejo since 1977, but the Vallejo seniors who gathered there were primarily Caucasian until Sabathia donated the pool table and a large flat screen TV. Both the pool table and its relationship to the African American Yankees pitcher born and raised in Vallejo attracted a growing number of African American male seniors. In November 2014, senior center director Peter Wilson suddenly sold it for $100 and even brought in a security guard in case anyone objected. CC Sabathia’s mother demanded that the pool table be recovered, so the senior center bought it back for $1700, but then turned around and donated it to the Omega Boys Club.  

Vallejo senior James Little the protest outside Vallejo's Florence Douglas Senior Center

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